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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Silk Autumn Scarf, Distress Stains and Artistcellar Stencils

Well Hello Again Creatives.
Sarinda here for your midweek muse or hump day girl. 
I truly hope that you are all enjoying your fall. I know I certainly am. I have a silk scarf tutorial for you today. This is so crazy easy and I am already thinking about Holiday gifts. I have been taking Tim Holtz Class, Creative Chemistry 102. And I realized that you can use Distress Paints on fabric.

What you will need for this project.
§  Silk Scarf
§  Craft Mat
§  Water
§  Distress Paint
§  Heat tool (I prefer Ranger's)

Step 1:
You will want to wet down your scarf with water so that it is damp, not sloppy wet. Then you will start to add the Distress paints to the silk scarf. I just blended the colors with my fingers. Once the colors are where you want them you will want to dry the paint so that it becomes permanent. Do this with each layer of paint.
Tip: I would fold your scarf in half when you do this step. So that each end is the same.
Here is how it looks dry.
Step 2:
Lay down your stencil of choice and dap Distress Black Soot to the background. I used black knowing that I was going to use lighter colors on top. DRY. Unless you want the colors to bleed a bit. That can be cool too.
Step 3:
Do the same as above using a mid tone color or metallic Distress Paint. DRY.
Step 4:
Do the same as above using a light tone color of Distress Paint. DRY.
This is how one end looked after I stenciled it.
Congratulations-!! You have made a wonderful Silk Autumn Scarf.
Honestly, this project was about a half hour. Take notice how the Distress Paint dried to these amazing pale colors. How great is that?
Face the Brilliance of your most wonderful Creations and Dwell on you Dreams.

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  1. does Tim Holtz even know to which level you're rocking his products??
    gorgeous scarf!