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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Artistcellar Byzantia Paint Jewelry and Carved Stamp

Well Hello Again-

Hope you are in the mood to make some jewels?Today, I wanted to show you how to combine the carved stamp we did last week and Byzantia paints to make jewelry. I love the look of these paints... OH my I had no idea how yummy these were.

We will be using Shrink Plastic painting one side of the sheet with the Byzantia paint. On the other side we will stamp the carved stamp using StazOn ink. The StazOn side is the front side. Then Cut out circles out of the Shrink Plastic and bake. Using simple jewelry findings to assemble. Are You Ready?  Here we go.....

This is what you will need:

The carved stamp from last weeks tutorial.

§ Byzantia Paints    
§  Wood Craft Sticks
§  Foam paint brush
§  Shrink Plastic Clear
§  StazOn ink pad in black
§  Circle Cutter (I used Spellbinders Dies in sizes 2",1.5",1" and 7/8" and Sizzix Big Shot Machine) In the end I used the 1" and 7/8" sizes. Tip: The shrink plastic tends to get stuck and not punch out well. Yes- I tried it-!! lol
§  Standard Paper Hole Punch
§  Scissors
§  9 Jewelry Jump Rings
§  16" Chain + 1.5" for Dangle ( If you want a longer chain add more lengh to the 16")
§  Jewelry Clasp
§  2 Earring Findings
§  Needle Nose Pliers

I opened all the paints I wanted to use and added them directly to the shrink plastic.

Then using the foam brush I started to crosshatch sections using the lightest paint first. Remember we are working backwards. So when we flip the plastic to stamp the other side the lightest paint will show first. Use your artistic freedom to create how you want. The paint seems to dry pretty quick.

This is how it looked when all the paint was mixed.

I wanted more of at solid look to mine so once the first application of paint was dry. I added the darkest color over what I just done. This is what it looked like below.

Once paint is completely dry.... (This would be a good time to put on the tea kettle.)FILP over the plastic sheet so that the paint side is toward your tabletop. This is the side we will stamp on. LOOK at the brilliant the colors are... I truly hope you can see it in the photo. It seems magnified with the plastic sheet.

Now we are ready to use the carved stamp and StazOn Ink.

Stamp the whole sheet and let completely dry.

Circle time....  I punched out a lot of circles not knowing what size they would shrink down to. In the end I just used the Five 1"circles & One 7/8" circle for the necklace and two 1" circles for the earrings. Keep in mind that once baked the 1" shrank to 1/2" and 7/8" shrank to 1/4".

Then you will take your hole punch and punch holes for the jewelry finding to go into.

Then you will bake your beauties using the manufactures instructions on your shrink plastic.

This is how mine looked after baking. They have this cool unexpected texture.

Here is the FUN part. Assembling your jewels. Yeah.

I started with the 1.5" chain and attached the 1/4" smallest jewel to the chain with a jump ring. This is easy, hold the pliers in one hand holding the jump ring and with your nails move one side of the jump ring away from you and the other toward you. Slide your smallest jewel onto the jump ring and then 1.5" chain. Close the jump ring the same way. Tip: Do not pull apart the jump ring, it will be hard to get it to look like a circle again.

Add the other four jewels on opposite sides of chain just like you did with the smallest jewel. See image below.

Adding the pendant to the chain. Take the 16" chain and fold it in half. This is the link you will use to attach the pendant with the jump ring. You are almost there. Just attach your clasp to the ends with the last two jump rings. Now you have an amazing necklace that sparkles in the sun.

Earrings: Just add the jewels to the earring findings. Simple. =)

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you are on your way to Artistcellar's shop.

IMPORTANT: I will be giving away this necklace and earring set in a week. All you need to do is comment on this blog post and follow my blog. Next week I will let you know who the winner is and ship them to you. Hope you are the winner. xoxo.

Take Care-


  1. Is there anything you cannot do ??? Love the jewelry! Great idea !! Corrie x

  2. Absolutely stunning Sarinda! I love how they turned out so expensive looking!! xx

  3. Love these, Sarinda! So full of interest...each distinctly different! Just beautiful!