Definition: Aggregate is a collection of items that are gathered together to form a total quantity.

The fleeting moments of knowledge in which we discover our existence are facts that can be committed to memory. We can enlarge this aggregate memory and refashion it as we go through a lifetime. By saving these memories on paper and reconstructing the images of our lives. We see the art of our lives unfolding before us.

Face the brilliance of your most wonderful creations and dwell on your dreams.
I believe in teaching, the sharing of ideas and playfulness of creating.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Encaustic @ CHA 2013

Hello Crafties....

At CHA I was able to make a dream come true.... 

I met and took a class in Encaustics with Daniella Woolf. She was here in Utah a few years back to teach.  I tried to make the planets align to take her class in Park City. I was just arriving back from a glass residency in Scotland and the class was overlapped with my return home.

This was a fun class, the instructors were as wonderful, exciting educators. 
More than I could have imagined.

You know that I like to melt things....
Here is a little secret.
As a child I also liked to melt crayons on my Mom's Iron....
NEED I say more on that.

They are teaming up with Purple Cows and Tonic Tools-!!!
When I heard this my heart skipped a beat.

Here are some images from the class...
 This is what we were working on in class... Layering paper and fabric on a card base.
 Samples: Detail of sample below.
Sample of art on silk and under wax.
 Stamps and rub on under wax.
 Layers of wax carved.

Ok... I have never been to CHA and I was unaware of all the swag that you take home from the classes. 
(Just call me GREEN.)
The classes was swag enough for me. 
Purple Cows and Tonic tools hooked us up with a whole mini studio set. I did buy the DVD and book. It really was so generous and you will be seeing more of Encaustics and tutorials in my work.
Thank you so much for opening my brain to something so wonderful and new.
Try something artsy that you have never done today-!!!