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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tutorial Crazy..... Paper Earrings.

 I just can't stop.....!

I always joke that I have Art A.D.D. I just like to do it all. I mean why not? A little of this and a Little of that. It is F to the UN.  If you know what I mean.

Ok well that is enough about that rant and On with it.

I used to make jewelry before I started doing glass work. So I am always looking for different ways to create jewelry.  I have been loving the paper line from Basic Grey What's Up.... and the colors are perfect for some jewelry. This is so very simple... I promise.

All you need is a few basic paper supplies and two jewelry hand tools. Wire snips and barrel tip pliers or needle nose pliers will work.

Paper: Basic Grey What's Up?  Cut strips of  the paper, I did mine 1"x6".
Glossy Accents Glue
Small wooden dowel or toothpick
Razor Blade
Wire or Headpins with the loops at one end
Earring wires
Wire snips
Needle nose pliers

 Step 1:
Cut your strips of paper to your desired length and thickness. Mine are 1"x6".
Step 2:
Cut the wooden dowel or tooth pick down the center with the razor blade.... PLEASE be so so careful when you are doing this.You are creating a channel to place the paper in to wind it into a cylinder.
This is what it should look like when you are done.
Step 3: 
Slip the paper into the slot you made and start to wind it around the dowel. This is the hardest part is to get it going. But once you start you might not stop. ;D

Step 4:
Glue the edge with Glossy Accent... This image is not quite accurate... I had a hard time holding the camera and the glue at the same time.... I opened up the cylinder about half of a wind and place the glue. Then once the glue is set you can remove the cylinder from the dowel.
 Then Repeat so that you have two.
 I was on a roll and made a whole bunch......
Step 5:
Slip the head pin with the loop at one end into the paper cylinder.

 Step 6:
 Make another loop at the end to secure the paper cylinder to the wire.
Step 7:
Attach the looped end to the earring wire and close. Repeat...

There you have it now you can go out on the town with your new jewels... ;D

I made the bracelet just because I was a nut and made so many of these little guys. These would also make great embellishments for a card or a layout. 


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  1. I love this idea, I have all I need to do them and it is on my list of things to do, but just never get there, lol, I do love the bracelet, might have to try, thanks for sharing, happy memorial day, hugs