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Saturday, March 1, 2014 BoBunny Head Over Heels Collection and Gesso Tutorial

Hello Creatives....!
I have a tutorial using Gesso in a different way. This is a mixed media technique that I have used for years. Hope you will find some inspiration from it.

Here is what you will need:

-    Chipboard Stickers Flower, Love & Tag

·  Twine
·  Tag
·  3D Tape
·  Tombow Multi Glue
·  Distress Stain Dried Tea
·  Inks and Mists
·  Distress Crackle Paint White
·  Distress Stain Walunt
·  India Ink Black
·  Quill Pen
·  Gesso
·  Sponge Brush
Photo Sizes:
  • No Photos used
  • Heat Gun
  • Scissors

1.     Add gesso to the tag and use heat gun until the gesso starts to bubble. Use caution not to burn the tag or gesso.

2.     Add white Distress Crackle paint to a few areas. Let dry overnight for the best crackle results.

3.     Use Distress Stain Tea with water. Dry with heat gun. Add other sprays and mists, dry with heat gun.

4.     Add India Ink splatters with quill pen. Also do this with red spray ink by removing the spray valve and use the steam to splatter the ink.

5.     Add Distress Stain in Walnut to the Distress Crackle Paint so that it seeps into the cracks.
6. Add the black twine to the lower right side of tag as well to the top in the hole of the tag.
7. Add the chipboard flower sticker over the twine. Then layer the chipboard love sticker on top of the chipboard tag sticker. 

Hope you like the mixed media background using gesso and crackle paint.

Be Well.

1 comment:

  1. I just love this, Sarinda, but, if you asked me about my favorite parts, I would gleefully explain black twin and red wine...uh, I mean the color red! Great tag, my friend!