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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Artistcellar Layering Stencils for Journaling

Hello There and I am Happy to say that it is HUMP Day-!!
Sarinda here for your mid week muse.
Recently, I was lucky enough to attend a Glass Residency at Pilchuck Glass School. It had been 10 years since I had been to this magical place located in Stanwood, WA. Dale Chihuly, a blown glass artist that is the co-founder for the school since 1971.
I wanted to do a small journal page that really does not even skim the surface of the 10 day residency. But every time I look at the page it will flood my mind with all the experiences that reside in my minds eye. I hope you will enjoy this.
What you will need:
§  Journal
§  Distress Paint in various colors
§  Distress Ink pads in various colors
§  2 Distress blending tool (one for inks and one for paint)
§  Gesso
§  Brush
§  Water
§  Spray Bottle
§  Craft Mat
§  Heat tool
§  Paper Towels
Step 1:
You will gesso your journal page and dry with heat tool.

Step 2:
Using your stencils in various places on your journal you will apply the Distress paint with a foam blending tool. How I do this is add the Distress paint to my craft mat and then pick up the paint with the blending tool and dab over the top of the stencil. Dry with heat tool after every layer of paint. This will create a paint resist for the following layers of ink.
TIP: You will want to remove the paint from your stencil with water, ASAP as it will become permanent.
Step 3:
Continue to layer paint until you are happy with the base layer. We will be adding more layers in ink so it is ok to have is sparse.

Step 4:
You will now add the Distress Ink in the same way. Layer after Layer.

Step 5:
Edge your pages with Distress Ink in a dark color, I used black soot and walnut stain. Then you will with spray a little water onto the page start to dry with heat tool and pick up excess with a paper towel. This will show the layers of paint resist underneath.

Step 6:
I used Viva Inka-Gold in Old Silver to add a bit of shimmer to my pages. Then embellish to your hearts content.

Step 7:
Enjoy your pages.
Thank you for joining us for the mid week musing. I wish you very well this last part of the week. Much Love to you.


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  1. I love Step 7, Sarinda! My following this tutorial will certainly get me to Step 7, and with ease. You have pretty much made something that looks very complicated into simple steps. Thanks for taking the time to share this!