Definition: Aggregate is a collection of items that are gathered together to form a total quantity.

The fleeting moments of knowledge in which we discover our existence are facts that can be committed to memory. We can enlarge this aggregate memory and refashion it as we go through a lifetime. By saving these memories on paper and reconstructing the images of our lives. We see the art of our lives unfolding before us.

Face the brilliance of your most wonderful creations and dwell on your dreams.
I believe in teaching, the sharing of ideas and playfulness of creating.

Saturday, September 15, 2012



These guys came from my yard.... 
I love the delicate texture of mushrooms. 
Simply beautiful and Mysterious . 
I have always been attracted to the idea of how people found out 
about the ones to eat and the ones not to eat. 
Trial and error does not seem the best option on these kinds of things.

Still trying to figure out how to replicate them into a glass artwork.

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