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The fleeting moments of knowledge in which we discover our existence are facts that can be committed to memory. We can enlarge this aggregate memory and refashion it as we go through a lifetime. By saving these memories on paper and reconstructing the images of our lives. We see the art of our lives unfolding before us.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Kusudama flower

I have had some emails on how to make this flower.... so I thought I'd share. This is a simple, kusudama flower made from lacy art paper found at a local art store. The flower above was cut in half to create two flowers.

The tutorial below is made from card stock. Keep in mind the thinner the paper the easier to fold.

What you need:
5 square pieces of paper (I used 3 x 3 in, but you can use any size really, depending on how big a flower you want) Glue. (I used hot glue)

1. Fold the paper in half, creating a triangle.

2. Take the left and right corners and fold them up to the middle.

3. Fold the same pieces down to the right and left outside edge of the square. They will line up with the edges.

4. Open up the pockets you've just created and press them down. The easiest way is to put your finger into the pocket and line up the center crease with the edge of the paper.

5. Fold the small triangles (dog ears) towards you on each side so they are level with the edges of the paper.

6. Fold the triangle in half on each side, using the crease you made earlier, to make a triangle.

7. Apply glue on the outside triangle, stick it to the other side. This is you first petal. To complete the flower, you need to make 4 more of these petals and glue them all together. I have been using hot glue.... It seems to set up the fastest. Otherwise you might what to clip edges together until dry.

Here are another project you could make. An ornament.

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